No junk just funk

Tweens are just to sweet for sugar but still they eat and drink tons of it. What if funky Amanda and Calle could eliminate all junk in food for tweens, starting a healthy revolution with granola?

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Wow no cow

Every year milking machines harvest 800 billion liters of milk from cows enslaved in industrialized processes. What if Rickard’s invention could give you the perfect latte, without the latte?

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Clean empowerment

There are 1.1 billion people in the world without access to electricity. What if Sam and his co-founders could give them clean energy while rendering you a triple return on your investment in solar power?

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A chocolate to die for that actually won’t kill you

Sugar-related diseases ruin millions of peoples’ lives and cost society billions of dollars yearly. What if Nicklas’ #saynickstosugar chocolate bars and ice cream could let you indulge while staying healthy?

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The patient will see you now

Long lines waiting for healthcare is the number one frustration in many countries. What if Staffan’s process tool could give you access to healthcare within minutes whenever you need to see a doctor?

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Keeping our blue planet clean

Industrial wastewater pollutes our environment. What if Johan and Lars could build closed loop systems for liquids in factories, thereby keeping our blue planet clean?

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Solar power as a service

There is enough energy in sunshine and in the ground to power this planet many times over. What if Richard and his team could provide you with locally produced renewable energy at low cost and zero investments?

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Leveraging your full potential

Modern society is built on math. Still, many students struggle. What if the EdQu team could give your teacher an adaptive tool that gives you the learning path you need to fulfill your potential?