Turning waste into value

Vilokan creates closed loop industrial systems to recycle water and resources. Thanks Lars and Johan for keeping our blue planet clean.

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We put our money where our mouth is

Gullspång Re:food partners with companies reforming the food system.

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The perfect latte, without the latte

Oatly accelerates the shift to a plant based diet. Richard’s invention is made for humans and reduces greenhouse gases with over 70%. Wow, no cow!

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Heating sustainable cities

Qvantum’s cutting-edge heat pump technology is decarbonizing heating and cooling in European cities. A big shoutout to Fredrik and the team for their contributions toward a zero-emission future.

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Renewable energy always on

Gullspång is a proud co-founder of Baseload Capital. Geothermal technology generates renewable electricity even when the sun has set and the wind is still. Thank you Mother Earth!

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Eliminating energy poverty

Trine brings C02-free electricity to the 1 billion people living off the grid. Sam’s sustainable financing gives a triple return on investments. That’s bright!

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Treats to die for that won’t actually kill you

Nick’s ice cream and bars are a health revolution disguised as irresistible temptations, bridging the gap between healthy and craveable. Sweet!

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Combat climate change one company at a time

Alight finances and builds fossil free energy solutions for corporates. Harald’s services let them be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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